Friday, September 6, 2013

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Today's post will be nice and short. We worked on land forms and made an anchor chart together. They each made a land form poster and they came out cute!

And something waaaaay off topic. I left this cute little surprise in our fridge for my husband.  Can't wait to see his reaction when he open the fridge door. And of course I added something sarcastic in the end hehe. There is nothing more awkward than walking in a store with beer in your hand and trying to hide from possible students. I'm pretty sure many teachers can relate! HA!


  1. PLEASE share! How did you build your blog to look this amazing?! I am a newbie at this! Im a teacher who wants to share her ideas just like you! =)

    1. I used this tutorial to get my header all "fancy." If you are techy, you can do it yourself by Googling for "Blogger design tips"," or there are a lot of teachers out there who will actually design blogs for you. For a fee, of course. (she uses Photoshop but I use the free program GIMP which does the same thing)