Monday, August 5, 2013

Student Agendas

Boy am I glad to finally make a class set of student agendas! We have gone 3 years without having our school purchase school agendas. This left us with making our own tracking behavior calendars. I finally got the courage to make my own agenda this year. I uploaded our district calendar to get dates and holidays so that I could fill in the template I made. Once I made "master copies" of the dates, I ran a full class set and bonded them together. At the end of the day I circle either an E (excellent) S (satisfactory) N (needs improvement) or an U (un-satisfactory). This lets the parents know how their child did in school for that specific day. If any of my students got an 'N' or 'U' I write in the "behavior code" accordingly.  I am very pleased with the way they came out! I uploaded an editable version at my TPT store for FREE!!!

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