Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hi y'all!! I am creating a new weekly linky party. I am really excited to get this thing started. It will also get me to blog on a weekly basis. I will start this linky party on Friday! It's pretty easy, so please join! All you need to do is take pictures on instagram on a weekly basis and on IntsaFriday you will have the opportunity to share your weeks pictures and write a brief description about them. It'll give you the chance to meet new people and see awesome photos a simple phone can capture! Here's my first post on InstaFriday!

1. My hubby and son. I like to call them my boys. They are my world and what keeps me going strong everyday. This week we enjoyed some Smash Burger, it's so yummy!
2. Halloween night was really simple for us this year. We went around the block and headed back home to pass out candy. 
3. I am finally done with my work on writing folders. My students absolutely LOVE these folders. It really makes "Work on Writing" run smoothly. 
4. This is my beautiful doggie, Pebbles. I love coming home to her. Always so happy to see me!
5. I completed my blog design YESTERDAY! I am very pleased with the way it came out. What'a think?
6. Taco Tuesday!! Which was today! They are so delicious. 

That pretty much wraps up this past week .


  1. I love your new blog design! I am going to attempt to participate in your InstaFriday Linky party! I am addicted to Instagram! Ha! Ha! I am a fellow 2nd grade teacher too...from Minnesota and your newest follower!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

    1. Yipee!! I just posted the link. Hope you can be my first to join in :) Thank you :)