Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fun with Force and Motion

WooHoo! I am so excited that tomorrow is Thursday and we all know what that means?! The next day is Friday! Then we are on Fall Intersession, 2 weeks off ! Excited to get more things done for my class.  Here's what we've been up to in science these past 2 weeks. We worked on my Unit 3: Force and Motion.  

The kids and I had class discussion of how motion describes the way an object moves. We listed examples inside our Spin, Slide and Roll flaps. Then the fun starts after that.

  The kids had so much fun making their pin wheels and observing the spinning motion it makes when the wind hits it. It was the perfect day to be outside. Look at those clouds! 

 They all went down the slide to observe the motion "slide." 

 Then we got to roll a couple of basketballs across the classroom and recorded our observations on "How does the object move?" into our interactive science journals. 

We made an anchor chart together in the class of examples of things we can push and pull. The kids then sorted out their "Push and Pull Card Sort Pictures" in their journals.

 We will end this week with a fun Sound Energy experiment. It's a great closure to this unit and I just know my students will love it.

 Well that pretty much wraps it up. 2 more days until vacay time! 


  1. I really love your interactive journals. Your kiddos really seem to love them, too. When I was student teaching, my school only allotted 20 minutes for science at the end of the day, four days a week; which usually got pushed to the side or replaced to make up for something else. It made me sad.

  2. These are really cute! I love how they get the point across! Thanks for sharing!