Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Messy Desks??

This year I have had several students leaving their desks a complete mess! Being the clean freak that I am, their mess was driving me crazy!! Their pencil boxes had pieces of trash in them, textbooks were on the floor and facing all different ways, pieces of papers were sticking out of them, trash was found under their desk and the list goes on. I have heard about the "Desk Fairy" leaving tickets on student's desks that were clean along with a treat or pencil. I honestly do not have the money to buy treats, pencils or toys for a treasure box. I do have paper and a school copier to make classroom coupons. I first explained to my students that I had contacted the desk fairy to pay our class a visit every once in a while. I mentioned to them that I will have no idea when she will stop by to check their desks. I also told them that I had asked her what I can do about messy desks and she told me that she has a friend "The Desk Police." The desk police comes when the desk fairy visits and places tickets on messy desks. In the morning when my students walk in they get very excited to see tickets on their desks. The students that received a ticket from the desk fairy bring it to me to exchange it for a class coupon. 
Very Clean Desks!

Students who received a ticket from the police serve lunch detention. Here's a picture of some desks that did not pass the clean desk inspection.

This system has really helped out with keeping my classroom looking clean and organized. You can find the kit in my TPT store to use in your class. Click on the picture below to grab yours :)


  1. Love the desk fairy. I am your newest follower, coming from Tonya's.

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  2. I love this idea! Thanks for this :)

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