Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Homework Managment

I have a homework system that I think I have almost perfected that meets my needs. I pass out homework on Mondays which includes a list of homework that needs to be completed for that week. My students then turn in homework on Friday morning. I use to have my students go up by groups and turn in homework to me, then I would check to see if anyone did not turn in homework so they could serve lunch detention. This was extremely time consuming and sometimes I would check to see who turned in homework until the end of the day, at this point it would be too late for them to receive some kind of punishment. I finally came up with this awesome idea where my students simply come in the morning (without me having to tell them) and grab their clothes pin with their name on it, clip their homework and sit back down. Once announcements are over I can just look over to see whose clothes pin is still on the basket and its really helps me identify the students that never turned in homework. I also use the same system for incomplete work. It's AWESOME and I LOVE it! Check out the video I captured of my students turning in their homework.


  1. I'm looking at something similar as responsibility and accountability is a huge push for fourth grade. I was thinking about having kids just check their name off of a roster once they turned their paper in. A friend told me that kids could cheat this way. I like your system but wonder...do you then have pull all the clips off and re attach them? Is that time consuming?

    1. I only have my students turn in Homework on Fridays, so I only check it once a week. All I do, once all homework is turned in, I grab the basket and just scan through each students homework to make sure it's complete and put it aside and go on to the next students homework. The most it has taken me to go through all of the paperwork is 5 minutes, usually less. Then I have a student job who puts the clips back on and takes the basket back to its place. I take homework home to then grade it. Hope this helps :)