Monday, November 5, 2012

Currently in November

This is my first time linking up with "Currently" from Oh'Boy 4th Grade. I am really looking forward to keeping this up every month as well as blogging a little more than I have been. School has really kept me busy. I was selected to be a class model for ELAR and it holds me accountable for a many things. My word wall, daily 5, cafe board, guided reading, student work and a very well organized classroom is a BIG DEAL. I am constantly adding new things, looking up pins for new ideas, changing things around. BOY. OH. BOY is it overwhelming. I have too many topics to blog about, but finding the TIME is extremely challenging. Soon  , my bloggy friends, you'll be seeing more posts! *I hope* HA!

And I leave you with a little freebie, just because I'm cool like that!
Just click on the picture to download your copy.

Mrs. Concepcion


  1. Too cute, and too funny! I feel your pain - well, maybe not your pain, but I feel your rush! It seems like since common core, I need at least three more hours per day, not to mention the CCSS ELA district implementation team meetings, two little girls, and a part-time husband (who works in NYC most of the time, even though we live in SC!). Take good care of yourself, and everything will fall into place. They chose YOU for a reason...right?

    1. Wow NYC! That must be hard :( You rock for doing it all. My husband is a huge help and I have no idea what I would do without him. Thank you for you sweet comment, brought a smile to my face :)

  2. I am OCD and would love more hours in the day or even a part time personal assitant in the classroom I am in right now! : )