Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classroom Management

 Whoa! Time in school sure flies by. We have been in school for almost 6 weeks already! Hence, the reason why we have been MIA. I have noticed that so many creative teachers have been using the clothes pin chart system for management. I was even thinking about making one of my own, but finding the TIME to do it was my real problem. With school starting, benchmarks, interventions, turning in lesson plans on a weekly basis and to top it off I have a 1 and half year old at home that refuses to let me work on anything, there would be no way to get this done. I decided to just stick with the system I originally had, but I spiced it up a bit and added a colorful border with duct tape (boy do I love colored duct tape). I used the side of my filing cabinet and just used big popsicle sticks with student names and glued magnets strips to the back of them.  Usually after I have given a student several warnings (2-3), then I have them change there name, and change it again if they break classroom rules. If they are EXTREMELY good, then I might, MIGHT have them change there name back up to reach excellent again. At the end of the day they receive an E if they were on Excellent, an S if they were on Satisfactory, N for Needs Improvement and a U for Un-satisfactory.


  1. What a great idea! I like this better than my clothespin idea. Students will love this! Thanks for sharing :)

    Always A Lesson

  2. I love the little stars, could I get them too, please?

  3. My e-mail address is Thank you! Love your blog!