Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to School Parent info Packet

I am FINALLY finished with my back to school packet for parents. Teachers in our district go back to work this Monday for a week full of training's and students come back to school on July 30th. I was simply going to use the same packet I always give out on the first days of school. But with all the AWESOME packets I have been seeing on blog world and pinterest, I thought it was time to renovate my "Parent Info Packet." I am so GLAD I did! I strongly feel that this packet will get all the information out to parents with out having them bombard me with the same questions over and over through out the year. I should really give credit to Simply 2nd Resources, Erica Bohrer's First Grade and Two Terrific Teacher for the providing their parent info as a guide to help with mine. I grabbed bits of information from each one of their packets and made it my own to fit with my classroom and school procedures. Feel free to use this packet as a guide for your own classroom :) Click on the picture to download your copy to use as a reference. 

I will include this packet with the school supply list as well as a "Getting to know your child" sheet that I printed from The First Grade Parade.  
On the 1st day of school while parents are dropping off their child in my classroom, I carry a clip board with a transportation sheet. I use this sheet to ask parents how their child will get home after-school on that 1st day. I also included this sheet for you to use. Simply click on the picture and print. What so you include in you parent info packet? Would love to hear your ideas, maybe I left something out and reading your comments will definitely help! Thanks!

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  1. This is a great reference thank you !


  2. Thanks so much for the packet. This will help me get everything planned out! :)
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  3. Thanks for sharing!!!

    WOW, you all go back early!! When did your summer begin? Hope you have an amazing year!

  4. I nominated you for an award! Swing by my blog to pick it up!

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